SNMP Query

I've recently been adding some SNMP query functionality into our Printer Manager utility. I thought it would be useful if there was some utility that could query certain SNMP values at set times. Examples i had in mind were a) Account printers page counts per day for reporting purposes b) Query printers paper/toner levels each hour and have some action done on low levels.

Currently SNMP Query is at an early stage for testing and to gather some feedback. Currently you can only see the configuration layout and can test OID's to see what values are returned. The load/save settings still needs to be implemented, and the utility will have to run at certain times to retrieve required values that have been saved (probably via the task scheduler).

This utility is free, there is no charge to use this software at home or at work (eula info).
You can find latest news and faqs, over in our snmp query section in our forum



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